Free Personal Blogging WordPress Theme

Elevate is a free WordPress Theme designed mainly for personal blogging focusing on typography and spacing to achieve maximum readability around the content.

Elevate Screenshot


Elevate includes our premium theme options page to control the usual aspects of the theme such as:

  1. Select pages for the top navigation
  2. Replace your default WordPress Feeds with Feedburner
  3. Add your tracking program code to header or footer of the theme
  4. Add meta description
  5. Replace default WordPress page titles with SEO optimized titles
  6. Prevent archives from indexing
  7. Twitter / Flickr widget is included exclusively with the theme
  8. Use the text-based dynamic logo provided with the theme or replace it with your own logo by simply uploading it from the theme control panel.
  • The PHP Code is licensed under the GPL license as is WordPress itself. You will find a copy of the license text in the theme directory.
  • All other parts of the theme including, but not limited to the CSS code, images, psd, theme control panel and design are licensed to Design to WordPress.
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  2. Ehab

    11th Sep, 09

    Very readable, clean and tidy :)

    Thank you. Let me change the colors to blue !

  3. Haris

    11th Sep, 09

    You’re welcome.

  4. Kim

    11th Sep, 09

    Very nice theme.

    One question about the dual licensing structure (php files are GPL, others are licensed to Design to WP): am I permitted to modify the stylesheets to customize the colors, swap images, etc., or do I need to request permission from you before doing so?

  5. Haris

    11th Sep, 09

    Feel free to customize the stylesheet and images. :)

  6. fanatical

    12th Sep, 09

    Beautiful. Love it. Assume I can customise somewhat as per comments above. Thank you.

  7. torgeir

    14th Sep, 09

    I really like this theme, thanks for making it available…!

    There seems to be a bug in the control panel, the twitter username isn’t saved so the twitter widget does not function

  8. Haris

    15th Sep, 09

    Can you please let me know details of your browser and what happens when you press the save button or add widget to the sidebar?

  9. Robin

    17th Sep, 09

    What is the size of the logo? I want to create my own but cannot seem to figure out the size.

  10. John Hawkins

    17th Sep, 09

    Thank you for the really cool theme! I went live with it on my site last night and I’m really happy with it!


  11. Haris

    17th Sep, 09

    @Robin You can upload any size of logo form the theme control panel located in WP Admin -> Appearance -> Control Panel and then the customize tab

  12. torgeir

    24th Sep, 09

    @Haris I’m using Safari Version 4.0.3 (4531.9) on OSX 10.4.11

    When I enter the twitter id and hit save, the id stays in the field as long as I stay in the control panel, if I navigate out of the control panel the entry in the fields reverts to the name of the blog.

    Some times the widget shows on the site with the twitter id in the widget heading but no tweets are shown (it’s set to 3).