Get a Free Theme Control Panel with every WordPress Theme coded by us!

Yes, that’s right, we are offering free WordPress theme control panel with every theme coded by us. In this blog post, I will introduce you to the features and benefits offered by the theme control panel.

The basic purpose of the theme control panel is to help minimize or completely remove the need to edit code for making minor adjustments on the theme.

If you’re either a blogger or just a designer, the one-time small payment of getting your design coded to WordPress will include a user-friendly control panel which will help you or your client to save time and money which is spent on achieving simple day-to-day tasks.

WordPress Theme Control Panel

We make your theme special by offering you a powerful, user-friendly and vibrant theme control panel. Every theme coded by Design to WordPress fulfills the major aspect of “Premium” WordPress Theme by providing a FREE control panel with every theme.

The control panel has a clean tab-based interface that dynamically loads the tabs. The “Save Changes” button will save your changes on-the-fly.

Standard Features offered by the Control Panel

  1. Add or remove pages from your navigation(s) with simple clicks. No need to edit the header template for including or excluding the pages.
  2. Add analytics program(s) code to the header from the textbox provided on the control panel.
  3. Replace default WordPress feeds with Feedburner. You don’t have to edit the header template, just use the field on the control panel and its done. WordPress Theme Control Panel
  4. Add meta description through the textbox on the control panel. Meta description is used by search engines as a description of your site.
  5. Replace WordPress default bloated titles with SEO optimized titles.
  6. Ability to prevent search engines from indexing your archives.
  7. Add favourite icon to your theme. Just add the URL to your favourite icon in the favourite icon field and the favourite icon will be automatically added to your theme. Favourite icon is shown on address bars, bookmarks and RSS readers.
  8. Enable or disable avatars on comments with a simple checkbox.
  9. Ads Managers is a design dependent feature. The ads manager has predefined fields for the adblocks on your design. You can use HTML or Javascript code which is offered by your advertiser to display their ad on those predefined adblocks.

WordPress Theme Control Panel

Apart from the above listed standard features, we will add specialized settings to the control panel based on the requirements of the design or on the client’s specifications.

So, what are you waiting for? Order Now!

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