How do you process payments?

We process payments through PayPal and credit/debit card via 2checkout payment gateway.

I cannot upload file on your order page or my file is too large to upload. Can I email it to you?

Yes, you can email us your design files at

When do I pay you?

50% payment before we start working on your project and 50% after the project is completed.

Will you setup the theme on my website / tumblr ?

Yes, we provide setup of any completed project for FREE.

Will you add my projects to your portfolio?

No, we won't. We ask for client's permission before adding any project to the portfolio.

How do I get a quote?

Please use order form to submit details about your project. We will read your project details and send you an email with final quote.

Do you deliver your code with cross browser compatibility?

Yes, all our code is cross-browser compatiable. We test our code on IE, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

Do you work on holidays?


I want my project done urgently? Do you work on urgent projects?

Yes, we do work on urgent projects. Please add it in project information field.

I have more questions before I submit my order? How to contact you?

Email us at